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Why bulletproof coffee should be your next obsession. And your new breakfast.


It’s 2pm in the office. You’re sitting at your desk after too short of a lunch. You’re full, you’re tired, you’re chilly, and you’re just about ready to go to bed. You’re boss emails you about another task that will drive your schedule well past the end of the work day.[a][b] You’re mind is on home, sweatpants, the couch, and perhaps even some TV. It doesn’t matter; you have a good 5-6 hours to go before you can indulge in the kind of mirage  that only exists in furniture store commercials.

So, what do you do to kickstart the rest of your day? Perhaps, grab another cup of tea or coffee, ignoring the health risks of overdoing the caffeine? Or, maybe you’re too far gone and you go for a Red Bull to get that brain back to the well-oiled machine it was a few hours ago. Maybe you even change where you sit, to gather some inspiration from a new set of walls. Or, perhaps you half-ass this assignment and hope for a better brain tomorrow.

We all know, maybe a little too well, that this is a crisis many of us face on a regular basis. Maybe yours is the morning. Maybe it’s just before leaving at the end of the day. Or, maybe, your brain dulls out sometime around noon on a Wednesday and doesn’t sharpen up until Monday morning.

I’m sure there are hundreds of remedies for improving brain power at work that have countless short-term benefits. However, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get through a full week without worrying about any of the brain lulls, exhaustion, or health risks?

The solution? A single cup of “bulletproof coffee” in the morning seems to be the new answer. The magical concoction consists of just three ingredients;

"Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get through a full week without worrying about any of the brain lulls, exhaustion, or health risks?"

1.     8-12 oz of drip coffee

2.     1 tablespoon of brain octane oil

3.     1-2 tablespoons grass fed unsalted butter

I know what you’re thinking; Butter?! In my coffee?! WTF?! But, please, don’t knock this until you try it.

Let’s start with the brain-octane oil. 100% free of all chemicals and additives, this coconut oil balances you’re hunger hormones as well as converting to ketones. What does this mean? Essentially, you will feel fuller longer, and your body will naturally process the oils as fuel for your brain and body, as opposed to unused carbohydrates. In other words, your health will be in tip-top shape with this day-starter.

Now, for the butter. The creamy deliciousness that we try to avoid at all costs for the sake of our health? Yes, that stuff. Grass-fed butter contains saturated fats that slow down the body’s absorption of caffeine, leaving you alert and energized for a full day of work. No more mid-afternoon slump or brain checkouts. This ingredient will actually make your brain sharper than if you’d gone for that third cup of coffee!

This stuff is no joke. It’s an exploding trend for the health-conscious, highly motivated community and is even making waves amongst professional athletes. If it’s working for a pro athlete’s work day, imagine what it could do for yours?

Here is a video from the creator on how to make the delicious latte drink.


Include something about a tasting? Maybe we order some of the powder?


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