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Frequently Asked Questions

Print Center

How many prints are included in my residentship?

Each company receives 100 complimentary pages of B&W prints/month.

When can I use the Print Center?

All residents have access to the print center during the time their residentship permits facility access.

How do I set up a printer?

When you become a resident, a welcome email will be sent to you, which includes your printing user code. Printer setup on each computer requires the front desk team to download a driver which takes about 5-10 minutes of setup time per computer. Let us know if you would like this done and we can schedule a convenient time to set this up!


How do I set up parking in the building?

Just send us the names and vehicle make, model, and license plate information and we will request the building to issue monthly parking passes to you.


How do I add a new resident to my office?

We hope your team continues to grow during your time with IgnitedSpaces! Notify the front desk that you are adding a team resident and if you have not reached your office’s limit, there will only be a $50 new resident activation fee. We can also help out with moving any additional furniture you may need. If you’ve filled your office to capacity, your newest resident will need to be added on as a coworking resident. This type of residentship will be provided at a rate of $300 per person, per month in addition to the $50 new resident activation fee. They will have access to your office, along with any of our coworking areas.

What is IgnitedSpaces’ pet policy?

Dogs may be permitted in the space depending on size, etc. If the dog is distracting, barks, smells bad, bites or pees on stuff, etc., we reserve the right to ask you not to bring the dog back to the building. Service animals are always OK, but must wear their service vest and have their paperwork. ALL dogs must remain on their leash or in a private office at all times. Dogs are not permitted in the kitchen areas. Please note you are responsible/liable for the actions of your pet(s).

What are the different types of memberships that IgnitedSpaces offers?

Virtual Office: $99/mo
Flex Co-working: $200/mo
Unlimited Co-working: $350/mo
Private Office: Starting at $850/mo

Does IgnitedSpaces charge residents for utilities?


What insurance are IgnitedSpaces residents required to have?

While we carry various insurance policies that cover third party loses, we highly recommend that you maintain, at your own expense, insurance for your own property, including, without limitation, Workers’ Compensation, property and casualty, fire, burglary, and commercial general liability insurance covering you and your responsible parties for property loss and damage, injury to you or your responsible parties and prevention of ordenial of use of or access to, allor part of the space in the form and amount appropriate to your business.

What is IgnitedSpaces’ policy on working from another location?

Access to other IgnitedSpaces locations is available during business hours.

Residentship Termination

I need to terminate my residentship. Who should I notify and when?

We are sad to see you go! residentship terminations must be coordinated by the Designated Account Holder as stipulated in your Service Agreement. Notification must be in writing no less than 30 days in advance and delivered by the last business day of the month prior to the month you wish to Terminate. Termination dates are always on the last day of the month. So for example, if you’d like to terminate at the end of August, we need to know no later than the end of July. Please also check in with staff to coordinate move out times.


How do I book a Conference Room and how much does it cost?

To book a conference room, you can use our online system or contact the front desk, and we’ll book it for you. Conference rooms may be canceled with no charge up to the time of your booking. If you have guests visiting, please let us know in advance so we can offer them a cold water and direct them appropriately! For pricing, our residentships offer various allocations of conference room credits per month, depending on your residentship. If you are unsure of how many credits you have, feel free to ask a staff resident to help you out! If you have exceeded your amount of credits for the month, you will be charged on a per hour basis. Pricing for additional hours is located in the resident Pricing Guide.


I’d like to film something in the space, anything special I need to do?

Contact our front desk for information regarding our filming rates, insurance requirements, and before you call please have the following information ready (Based on this information, there might be additional fees from building management. This is largely dependent on size of cast and crew and access needed):
- Start/End time on day of shoot
- Number of people (cast + crew)
- Use of alleyway for loading/unloading?
- Onsite parking for cast + crew? If so, how many vehicles?
- Any vans or trucks?
- Do you have production insurance, and if so, this will need to be provided.


I have some guests visiting. What do I need to know?

When guests arrive, they will be greeted by our front desk team. One of us will call to let you know. In the meantime, we’ll be sure that your guests feel welcome and comfortable. You can buy parking validations at the front desk if you would like to offer them to your guests. The charge can be easily placed on your account after you receive the validation. Please let us know in advance when your guest plans to arrive for better service.


What are the hours for HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning)?

Regular HVAC hours run from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday. If you would like after hours HVAC, you can book via email to any IgnitedSpaces staff at least 48 hours in advance. Please check the resident Pricing Guide for current hourly pricing.

How do I adjust the temperature in my office?

Contact front desk or email support for any temperature adjustments

Referral Program

I know someone looking for an office. Is there a referral program?

You bet! If a referral signs on for a private office with us, 10% of the client’s office rate will be discounted from your account each month for up to a year.


I need IT Support. Does IgnitedSpaces provide that?

IgnitedSpaces provides IT support for IgnitedSpaces provided internet, phone, and print services. To coordinate, just let any of the IgnitedSpaces staff know and we’ll arrange the details!

How do I connect to IgnitedSpaces’ Wi-Fi network and what is the Wi-Fi password?

As a resident, Wi-Fi is set-up through IT support. We offer one-day free guest Wi-Fi.

What is IgnitedSpaces’ Wi-Fi policy? What is the Internet speed in the building?

Wireless access is provided to our residents through our “IgnitedSpaces" network. This wireless network is available throughout all of our buildings. We encourage guests and non-residents to utilize our guest network, which is also available at all of our locations. Internet bandwidth at each IgnitedSpaces location is shared, but our residents should expect reliable network services to perform standard tasks.

What do I do if my ethernet ports/internet stops working?

If the Ethernet port is not working notify the Front desk or IT. If the issue is software related it should be fixed within a day.


I’d like to decorate my office. How should I coordinate?

Make IgnitedSpaces your home! You are welcome to decorate as you please, or you can use our decorating services for a flat fee + supplies. We offer desks, chairs, and filing cabinets for your office, but you can also choose to bring your own. Painting will need to be coordinated through the IgnitedSpaces staff. Inquire for pricing or check the last resident Pricing Guide.

What happens if I need more space or desks?

If you have not reached your offices limit, an additional desk(s) can be provided. If you filled your office to capacity, your newest resident will need to be added on as a coworking resident at prevailing rates. In addition, you can upgrade to a bigger office if one is available. Contact a sales associate for pricing.

What is IgnitedSpaces’ office signage policy?

IgnitedSpaces supplies one complimentary piece of company signage per office unless otherwise specified. The signage is an adhesive that is placed on your office door facing outwards towards the hallway, usually featuring the resident’s company name and logo.

Can I add privacy vinyl or bring in blinds to make the space more private?

Inquire with the space team for available packages and pricing

Can I bring my own furniture?

You are free to decorate your office as you please or we’d be happy to do it for you.

How do I add or remove IgnitedSpaces furniture from my office?

Contact Ignited facilities team for any furniture addition or removal.

What is IgnitedSpaces’ plant policy?

Plants are welcome in your office but we reserve the right to ask you to remove them if they become an issue.

Security And Maintenance

Does IgnitedSpaces have an emergency hotline number?


What security measures does IgnitedSpaces have in place to protect residents and their property?

Our goal at IgnitedSpaces is to keep residents and their valuables safe at all times. Upon arrival, we require all guests to check in at the front desk and present a valid photo ID. Keycards are required to access our locations. We also have security cameras on site for documentation purposes in case of an incident. Please note, we only review footage if it is necessary.

What do I do if I see a leak or flood at my building?

Please contact any IgnitedSpaces employee immediately.

Who completes IgnitedSpaces maintenance work?

We have an on-site facilities team to complete any and all maintenance work.

I'm locked out of my building/office after hours. What should I do?

Contact the IgnitedSpaces Community team and they will do their best to respond to you in a timely manner.

What do I do if I see a door that doesn’t seem secure?

Contact support.

How often will my office be cleaned?

Nightly garbage pick up, weekly vacuuming and cleaning.


What are the additional fees for reservation credits, printing, etc.?

Any additional conference rooms credits can be purchased through the front desk and will be added to your monthly invoice. Prices vary depending on the room you wish to book. Each company receives 100 complimentary pages of B&W prints per month. All color pages are 35 cents per print and any additional B&W pages are 8 cents per print.

How can I view my invoice?

Invoices can be viewed through the resident's portal. Once the billing cycle is finished they will receive the invoice. Ignited support is always available to help.

What payment methods do you offer? How can I change or update my payment method information?

Cashiers check, personal check, cash, and credit card *3% fee applied to all CC payments. Contact Support for any payment updates or changes.

When are late fees applied?

If your monthly residentship fee or any other outstanding fee is not received by IgnitedSpaces within 10 calendar days after the due date, you shall owe IgnitedSpaces a late fee as follows: (1) if an ACH payment is returned for insufficient funds, a 5% late fee will be automatically applied and full payment, including late fees, will be due by the 10th of the month by cashiers check only. If you have not paid in full by the 10th of the month, an additional late fee of 5% will be applied (for a total late fee of 10% of the amount due); (2) if your account is set up to pay by credit card and your payment is declined for any reason, you have until the 10th of the month to process payment, and if you have not paid in full on or before that date, you will be charged a late fee of 10% of the amount due; (3) if any other form of payment is accepted by IgnitedSpaces and you have not paid the fee by the 10th of the month when due, you will be billed a late fee of 10% of the amount due.

Can I pay in a different currency?


What does my monthly invoice include?

Includes monthly rent, all color printing charges, any B&W printing charges (over the complimentary 100), 4-hour validations and all-day validations, and all other outstanding charges.

How do I know if you have received my payment?

An invoice marked paid will be automatically sent to you after payment is received.

How can I change the primary resident on our account?

A primary resident on you account generally has the sole authority to make changes to or terminate the agreement. However, an executive officer of the company will have the authority to override the request of a primary resident, provided that we receive such a request within 24 hours following such primary residents request. An executive officer of the company will also have the authority to remove or replace the individual serving as the primary resident. In certain circumstances, the individual designated as the primary resident may cease to provide services to the company or cease using the office space regularly. Unless we receive instruction from an executive officer of the company, we will use our reasonable judgment in designating a replacement primary resident.

How can I update the company name listed on our invoices?

Contact front desk for company name changes.

How can I update the address listed on my invoice?

Contact front desk to update the address.

Can I review next month’s invoice before it gets finalized?

Invoices can be viewed in residents portal.


What is IgnitedSpaces’ mail and package handling policy?

You may use IgnitedSpaces as your mailing address provided you sign a CMRA form.

How do I get notified of a Mail and Package delivery?

Mail is sorted and delivered to offices daily. Co-workers and virtual offices will receive emails when mail has been delivered.

I'm a Virtual Office member. What mail services can I expect?

Virtual office members are able to receive all mail (letters) and 2 packages a week for free, subsequent packages of any size received after that shall be $5 each.

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